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PSWebFiles.com and PSCertify.com home pages

Website and visual design

client ProjectStory, Inc.
www. projectstory.com

ProjectStory needed a family of three websites for their three main products and services. They called on us to create the visual design then implement the sites in HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Like any family it needed to hold together but also respect each individual's unique personality. So we started by creating a basic look, as the DNA of the family, to help orient vistors to the sites and to give them a solid comfort level.

Letting visitors get to know the family

We dressed up each of the kids in their best clothes and put them out in front of the world.
ProjectStory's three sites are:

The family resemblance is clear but so too are each site's unique features and benefits.

We do due dilligence, including creating a memorable


favicon for each site and even special icons for iPhone/iPod Touch visitors who want to save the sites to their home screens.

• right
iPhone/iPod Touch icons designed for ProjectStory's websites.

PSWebFiles.com home page

• left
Home page for WebFiles™ product.

• below left
Home page for BankNotes™ service.

• below right
Home page for PSCertify® product.

PSBankNotes.com home page
PSCertify.com home page