portfolio : ScreenCaffeine - logo design, videos, font animation

screen shot of teh ScreenCaffeine website

Logo, corporate identity, website design, animations and packaging

client ScreenCaffeine.com
www. ScreenCaffeine.com

Logo, corporate identity, website design, animations and packaging.

ScreenCaffeine needed everything to start their business: logo, corporate image, font design, font animation examples, packaging, web design and web coding. We provided all the services they needed.

Launching a brand new business

ScreenCaffeine creates animated fonts for film and video. They make fonts right? So why not create their image from an "S" and a "C" arranged to be a steaming cup of coffee? From this smart, fun logo plus the look of their animated fonts we were able to create their web site, their packaging material and even animated examples of their fonts. You can view some of the animations at the YouTube links below.

We can provide all the design services a startup company needs.


the ScreenCaffeine logo • right
ScreenCaffeine logo.

ScreenCaffeine Poolside font CD label ScreenCaffeine Undulator font CD label ScreenCaffeine Circus font CD label ScreenCaffeine Marquee font CD label
Font sample sheet

• above
CD labels.

• left
Font sample sheet.

• below
Examples of animations using the ScreenCaffeine fonts.