portfolio : NINÃ - book design

front and back covers of the book Ninã

Book design


Book design, cover and interior pages, designed and typeset by Laura Ruggeri.

Needy children in Africa, doctors in Italy, designer in Austin Texas, a book to find resources to support the Italian doctors' efforts in Africa.

a success story

INTERMED O.N.L.U.S., a not-for-profit organization of doctors needed a way to raise funds to build and support medical facilities in Africa. They had photographs that were taken in parts of Africa where they work and some letters written by children that they have cared for. They decided that they would publish a book and use the proceeds from its sales to help pay for caring for the children.
Laura Ruggeri designed the cover, the interior pages and provided graphic support for the launch of the book.

Read the success story of this project (pdf)


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A graphic from the book. a graphic from the book Ninã

front cover of the book Ninã
interior pages of the book Ninã interior pages of the book Ninã
interior pages of the book Ninã featuring the writing of the children
interior page of the book Ninã Notes from the children featured in the book

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Pages from the book, featuring photograhpy and essays written by the children.