profile : Rick Ligas

Web application interface designer/developer

I've been in software interface development for a long time and I enjoy challenging projects. I like to be responsible for not only the design but also for seeing the design through to implementation.
Being involved in the full project span—from requirements analysis to implementation gives me the opportunity to use all my skills in service of my clients business goals.


Resume for Rick Ligas


email: Rick (at) LR Communication Design (dot) com
Skype: rickligas


Web application interface design and development, software interface design, information architecture for web applications, deep knowledge of html/css/javascript, very adept at working remotely.


  • Requirements research and analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Information architecture
  • Workflow analysis
  • Interaction design
  • Interface design
  • Implementation in HTML/CSS/Javascript

Brief biography

  • Web application interface designer/developer, project manager at LR Communication Design
  • Web design and programming for 360Partners Consulting, LP
  • Software interface consultant at ETI
  • Web application interface developer, project manager at Pantheon Design
  • Multimedia developer at Jawai Interactive, Inc.
  • Multimedia developer at Interactive Arts
  • Software interface designer at Tymlabs, Inc.
  • Media Specialist (Training department) Abbott Laboratories

What people say

"There aren't enough good things to say about Rick. He helped conceive the work flow control for our first product. We considered him and his team part of our staff. We had complete faith in his passion, technical skill and ability to help us define our requirements and build part of our system. Rick deserves some of the success we had (your success is his success)."
Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
—Roy Woods, CISSP

"Our company, 360Partners, has hired Rick for dozens of projects since 2006, first when Rick was at Pantheon Design and now at LR Communication Design. Rick has our highest recommendation (and our repeat business!) for his quality of work, attention to detail, and on time delivery. In addition, Rick is excellent in working with our search customers, helping us optimize websites for search. Rick not only gets the job done, but makes recommendations that have often resulted in huge gains in website conversion. It's a pleasure working with Rick and his team, and I'd recommend him and LR Communication Design to anyone."
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
—Jeff Hoogendam

White paper: 15 Interface Design Principles

Interface design, specifically software interface design, is a subset of general information design. Software interface design is creating a two-way channel of communication between the software developers and the users...
15 Interface Design Principles